Best laptop for Microsoft office

One of the things you have to pay attention to when looking for the best laptop is the operating system. The best laptops use Windows, which contains the Microsoft office software.

This software can help you achieve a lot since it gives you access to different packages such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. Getting the best laptop for Microsoft office can help you come up with great presentations, write various articles, and even create spreadsheets. Though there are many laptops based on Microsoft office, not all of them are worth buying. We put up this guide to help you figure out the specific models that you should focus on. Enjoy!

Comparison table

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Lenovo Legion Y540
15 inch
ITB HDD and 512 GB SSD
Acer Aspire 7
15 inch
512 GB SSD
Dell XPS 13
13.3 inch
Surface Laptop 3
13.5 Inch
512 GB SSD
Dell G3 15
15.6 inch
1TB HDD and 128 GB SSD
Lenovo Ideapad 330
15. 6 inch

Reviewing the best laptop for Microsoft office

Lenovo Legion Y540-Ideal for accountants

Most gamers choose this laptop for Microsoft office since it is well equipped. We decided to include this model on our list due to its average price and excellent performance. Since it comes with 24GB RAM, it allows you to open many spreadsheets at a go without experiencing any lags. The manufacturer not only uses Turbo boost technology to make this laptop but also equips it with a powerful processor. Many accountants are also impressed with the high clock speeds since it simplifies the process of computing complex formulas on a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, this is a heavy laptop that you cannot easily carry around.


  • Display: 15 inch
  • Storage: 1TB HDD and 512 GB SSD
  • RAM: 24 GB
  • CPU: i7-9750H

You should also expect an excellent graphics performance from this laptop since it contains Nvidia GTX 1650. If you like gaming, you can try playing titled games on this computer. It comes with sufficient video memory to handle numerous games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and Witcher 3. The laptop also offers adequate space for you to store games and movies easily.

Apart from that, the 15-inch display also attracts many people to this laptop. Since this laptop uses the thin bezel design, it is compact like other 14 inch computers. If you deal with numbers a lot, you will also appreciate the numerical keyboard included in this laptop. It has a dedicated number pad for laptop users that use Microsoft excel frequently. Lenovo legion also consists of a large trackpad that features tactile and responsive buttons.


  • Numerous ports for connecting different accessories
  • Comes with an impressive numerical pad
  • Dual drive storage
  • Thin bezel display


  • It lacks a DVD drive
  • The battery life disappoints many


If you like laptops that come with a modern thin design, you should consider Lenovo legion. It is, however, not suitable for travelers due to its heavyweight. Despite this, the laptop can run different Microsoft office apps without any problems.


Acer Aspire 7-Pocket-friendly option

Are you looking forward to saving some cash while getting the best laptop for Microsoft office? If yes, you should consider this model. You can use it to lag different software such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word without lag issues. The i7-9750H core processor powers this high performing laptop. If you enjoy PC gaming, you can use this laptop without any issues since it features a quality graphics card.

It cannot, however, handle graphic-intensive tasks like machine learning or video editing.


  • RAM: 16 GB
  • CPU: i7-9750H
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Feel free to run different games using this laptop. Many users reveal that it does not lag or overheat during use. This laptop also features Windows 10, which is relatively easy to use. On the four sides of its display, the laptop features some thick bezels which give it a sturdy look and feel.

Besides casual gaming, you can also use it for other tasks such as online learning or watching videos. It can give you a great experience since it reproduces great color and impressive viewing angles. You will also like the numerical keyboard that comes with this laptop. It has a trackpad built in it, which is known to offer a great tracking experience. Some people, however, find the size of the trackpad smaller than on other laptops.


  • Excellent keyboard
  • The storage is upgradable
  • Comes with a good looking display
  • It is sturdy


  • The fingerprint sensor is slow


Even though this laptop may look dated and a bit bulky, the weight is not that much. You should, therefore, not have difficulties trying to carry it around. You will also like the battery life of this laptop and numerous ports included in it. Choosing this laptop is worth it since it can give you value for your cash.


Dell XPS 13- suitable for students

Contrary to popular belief, a laptop does not have to be heavy to be powerful. This model is light and thin yet quite powerful. It features a modern design and uses the Core i7-10710U processor. Though this laptop does not contain a dedicated GPU, the Intel UHD graphics handle the graphic requirements. If you want a laptop to do tasks such as listening to music, browsing the internet, or watching movies, this is an ideal option.

It is, however, not the best for graphic-intensive tasks.


  • Battery life: 9 hours
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Display: 13 inch
  • Storage: 1 TB SSD

The storage is also enough to help you do daily tasks such as writing papers or creating a PowerPoint presentation. It comes with a 13-inch display with 4K resolution. Most users like the excellent color reproduction of Dell XPS and the thin bezels on its sizes. Even though this laptop has a glass trackpad, it does not feature a dedicated numerical keyboard. If you want to use it for software such as QuickBooks, you need to buy an external keyboard separately.


  • It is well constructed
  • The trackpad offers gesture support
  • Comes in a compact design
  • Great battery life
  • The web camera is great


  • It lacks the dedicated numerical keyboard


All the USB ports in this laptop are type C. Despite this, it features a headphone jack and long-lasting battery life. You can use this laptop for about 9 hours without the need to recharge it.


Surface laptop 3– Great for teachers

If you are searching for an enhanced Windows 10 experience, you should focus on this laptop. Many people consider this to be the best laptop for Microsoft office due to its impressive hardware and design. This laptop uses turbo boost technology and is powered by the i7-1065G7 processor. Though the laptop does not contain a dedicated GPU, it uses a quality graphics card known as Intel Iris Plus.

The price is, however, high


  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Display: 13 inch
  • Storage: 512 GB
  • Battery: Can last for 11 hours
  • Resolution: 2256 x 1504

Thanks to the adequate SSD storage, this laptop opens software fast and boost in seconds. The touch-based display is also quite impressive since it is visually appealing and offers high color accuracy. This laptop also has a backlit keyboard as well as a responsive trackpad. You can even use the laptop to type in low light conditions since the keys feature an LED and are quite tactile. The overall design of this laptop also makes it stand out. Since it comes with a metal unibody design, you don’t have to worry about its durability. On the sides of the laptop, you will find different ports that can help you connect accessories.


  • Excellent trackpad
  • Compact design
  • Decent battery life
  • It features a tactile keyboard
  • Responds well to touch


  • Upgrading it can be a bit challenging


Surface Laptop 3 has many impressive features. The battery life is also quite decent since you can use it for about 11 hours on a single charge. If you like laptops that have a compact design and have great tools, this model is for you.


Dell G3– Ideal for gamers

Choosing this laptop enables you to perform different tasks, including developing apps, surfing the internet, or editing photos. This is a budget-friendly laptop that many gamers choose. It makes use of the i5-8300H processor and can deliver maximum clock speeds of up to 4.0 GHz. You can use this laptop to play different games, including Fortnite and GTA: V, without experiencing any frame drops. This is thanks to the inclusion of the Nvidia GTX graphics.

Some people, however, find the design to be outdated.


  • Storage: ITB HDD and 128 GB
  • Display: 15 inch
  • CPU: Core i5-8300H
  • Battery: 5 hours
  • RAM: 8 BG

This laptop also allows you to multitask since it comes with sufficient storage and RAM. Though Dell G3 features a 15-inch display, the brightness is lower than what other laptops offer. It also comes with a numerical keyboard that is not backlit. Though this laptop contains a trackpad, you should get an external mouse for your gaming needs since this feature only has an average performance. It is not a laptop that is meant for traveling since it comes with a weight of about 5.9 pounds.

You, however, get different ports from this laptop, such as Ethernet, HDMI, USB-A. Do not expect any Type C USB ports from this model. The battery life is not as impressive as in other models since this can only last for about 4 hours. Consider getting a power adapter if you intend to use this laptop for gaming so that the charge does not keep on inconveniencing you.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Comes with a dedicated numerical keyboard
  • It is easy to upgrade and repair
  • Offers two storage options


  • It does not have the best trackpad
  • It lacks a Type C USB port


Though Dell G3 is not perfect, it is an affordable laptop that is capable of handling different software, including PowerPoint and Excel easily.


Lenovo Ideapad 330– Great for home use

Even though this laptop may not come with many premium features, people still consider it due to its pocket-friendly cost. It comes with a polycarbonate body and brushed metals screen lid. Since this a bulky laptop, it should remain in a single location to avoid experiencing fatigue.

The battery life disappoints some users


  • Display: 15 inches
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Processor: Core i3-8130U

It, however, works well on different apps and software. You can use it to open additional tabs at a go and enjoy multitasking. This laptop can manage Microsoft office tasks with minimal issues. You cannot, however, use it for gaming since it does not have a graphics card.


  • High performance
  • Contains a Type C USB port
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks a dedicated graphics card


If you do basic computer tasks at home, you can upgrade your current PC with this laptop. It comes with a simple design and affordable price tag.


These are the laptops we don’t recommend for Microsoft office

HP envy x360– poor battery life

Since this 2 in 1 laptop is quite disappointing, we don’t recommend it. This is because you have to keep on using it as a standard laptop since its battery life is quite poor. Apart from that, customers who have bought it reveal that it makes a lot of noise even when you are doing light tasks such as web browsing. The trackpad is also smaller than what other laptops come with, and it is not always responsive.


  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB SSD


  • Has a backlit keyboard


  • Poor trackpad
  • Disappointing battery life
  • It produces a loud noise
  • It is slow and unreliable


If you don’t want a laptop that keeps on crashing during use, you should avoid this model.


HP 15– Low quality

This may be a stylish laptop that looks good, but its performance is not satisfactory. Most users reveal that it is slow. The quality of this laptop is also low, and it may not last for long. It also takes a long time to charge fully and drains power fast. You cannot use it to conduct certain tasks such as playing games since it is not equipped with powerful features. This laptop also tends to overheat with time, and it comes with an uncomfortable touchpad.


  • Display: 15 inch
  • Processor: i3-8130U
  • RAM: 8GB


  • It is lightweight


  • It overheats
  • Poor quality laptop
  • Charges slow
  • The touchpad is not smooth


We could not add this product to our list due to its poor performance. It is relatively slow and frustrating.


Finding the best laptop for Microsoft office

The numerous laptop models for Microsoft office can make choosing the best one challenging. You should, however, be keen on the following to find the best laptop.


Look at the quality of the laptop keyboard before buying any model. You should choose a laptop that comes with a comfortable keyboard, especially when you do a lot of typing. A good model should also have room for the numeric keypad. Ensure that the keys respond fast to touch.


For you to find the best laptop, you have to figure out how good a different model performs. Looking at the specs of a model can help you gauge its performance. Choose a laptop that has RAM of at least 8GB and a powerful processor so that you can achieve tasks such as opening large excel sheets or creating PowerPoint presentations with ease.

Go for a model that features SSD based storage so that you will not have problems trying to run different apps or storing a large amount of data. Getting a laptop that comes with SSD storage can also help you enjoy fast loading and booting. Apart from the specs, you can also learn more about a laptop’s performance by going through customer reviews.


As you shop for a good laptop for Microsoft office, you should also determine the type of design you prefer. Laptop manufacturers now offer them in different designs to try and appeal to users with different taste. You can either choose one that folds down onto a keyboard or get one that comes with a touchscreen. The market also offers 2 in 1 laptops that can turn into a tablet. This is the modern design that many people choose.


Look at the weight of a laptop. If you want one that you can always carry when commuting to and from the office, you should go for the lightest model. Heavy and bulky laptops should not be moved often.


People have different views regarding which laptop they think is the best for Microsoft office. That is why we came up with a comprehensive list of the best laptop for Microsoft office that includes details regarding each type to help you choose your favorite model. Remember to make your investment wisely since buying a laptop is a costly affair.

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