Asus e403sa review

Most of the ultraportable laptops come at a high price. If you need a good affordable one, you should consider Asus e403sa.

I was looking for a new computer for my business when I first came across this model. The affordable price was not the only thing that made me choose it. Asus e403sa not only looks attractive but also works well. Find out what you should expect from this model before investing in it.

Asus e403sa review and breakdown

Slim laptops are now quite popular in the market. One of the popular options that many people consider is the Asus e403sa. This is only 0.7 inches thin and weighs about 3 pounds. You can bring it with you at work, at school or even use it at home. This has enough power to help you achieve a lot.

Some of the specifications that you should expect from this Asus model include a memory of 4GB and storage of 128GB. It is also equipped with the Quad-Core Processor. This can help you multitask without experiencing any lags. You can use it to play basic games since it features Intel HD graphics. Unlike some models, you can use Asus e403sa for an entire day without the need to recharge it. This makes it quite convenient, especially when you don’t have a constant power supply.

What we liked

  • It comes in a sleek design
  • It has an extended battery life
  • Features full HD screen

What we did not like

  • It tends to heat up fast


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Asus e403sa specifications

3 pounds
Intel HD graphics
128 GB
Quad-Core N3700
Operating system
Windows 10
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Asus e403sa features

Build and design

This laptop uses brushed aluminum which is often featured in most premium laptops that cost twice its price. The manufacturer replicates these aesthetics on the keyboard. Asus e403sa is a lightweight model that measures 13 x 9 x 0.7 inches. With this model, you can watch and stream movies at full HD. It delivers a resolution of 1920 x 1080.


Considering its low price, you will be surprised by the high number of ports included in this model. Since the surface area is a bit limited, most of the ports are squeezed onto this laptop. You will notice an SD memory reader, a 2.0 USB port, and a security lock slot on the right side. It also contains more ports on the left side, including a USB type C port, a 3.0 USB port, and an HDMI port. While most budget laptops fail to include a type C USB port, the Asus e403sa is different. This port is important since it facilitates fast data transfers as well as charging.


To boost performance, Asus e403sa is equipped with different features. For instance, it has a Quad-Core processor and a memory of 4GB. You can, for instance, switch between different Chrome tabs as you continue copying files at the same time. The graphics performance is not bad since this laptop contains Intel HD Graphics. Asus e403sa also comes with a 57Wh battery that allows it to last for at least 10 hours on a single charge. The battery performance makes it better than most of the ultraportable laptops in the same price range.

Who is it best suited for?

If you need a laptop that you can use for basic or medium tasks, you should consider Asus e403sa. This is a great laptop that can perform light computing tasks. If you need one for things such as video editing or media creation, you should look elsewhere.

Are there any alternatives to Asus e403sa?

Do you feel like you want extra features than what Asus e403sa provides? You should check out its alternatives. Some of them include Asus F555LA, Dell Inspiron I7559-2512BLK, and Acer Aspire 5. Comparing how they differ is essential for you to make a more informed decision.

The features of these alternatives

Asus F555LA
Dell Inspiron I7559
Acer Aspire 5
Intel Core i3
Intel Quad-Core i7
Intel Core i5
Operating system
Windows 10
Windows 10
Windows 10 Home
Screen size
15 inches
15.6 inches
15.6 inches
Intel HD graphics
Intel UHD 620
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Verdict: So, should you buy Asus e403sa?

If you want to save on cost but still need a portable laptop, you should consider the Asus e403sa. Though this laptop may not have a lot of advanced features, its Full HD display and incredible battery life make it worth it. If you need one for basic computing tasks, Asus e403sa can help you fulfill this.


Can I get a warranty for Asus e403sa?

Yes. This comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

Can I make Skype calls using this laptop?

Yes. It comes with a webcam that can help you Skype.

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