How to screenshot on a laptop Asus

Shortcodes were designed to make using a laptop easier. If you own an Asus laptop, you should get familiar with the different shortcuts that you can use to achieve different effects.

Most laptop owners wonder how they can take a screenshot of an Asus model. This is not that hard to do. It is possible to take screenshots on such a laptop using the windows screenshot feature. This can help you capture various areas of the screen. For instance, you can use it to capture an entire screen, a particular window, or take a custom screenshot. Follow these steps.

Capturing the entire screen

To achieve this, start by pressing the PrtSc key. When you press it, the current screen on your laptop is copied to your clipboard. Use the Windows logo key to look for the paint program. Once it shows up, open it. You can then press Ctrl and V at a go so that the screenshot gets pasted into this program. Once you have pasted it, click Ctrl and S so that you can save the screenshot.

Are you using Windows 10 or 8? If yes, the process of capturing the entire screen is also straightforward. Press the PrtSc key and Windows logo key at the same time. This screenshot will still be copied to the clipboard. Proceed to local disk C, then click on users then pictures. Under pictures, look for the section labeled screenshot so that you can view the screenshot you have just taken. Alternatively, you can still paste it into Paint then edit it according to your preference.

Taking a screenshot of the window you are using

If you need to capture the specific window you are using rather than the whole screen on the Asus laptop, you should start by clicking anywhere on the particular window so that you can make it active. You should then click on PrtSc and alt at a go so that you can take the screenshot. Use the Windows logo key to find the paint program, then open it.

Click on Ctrl and V on the keyboard to paste the screenshot of the active window into this program. You can then save it by pressing Ctrl and S at a go. Once you do this, the active window will be captured on the Asus laptop.

Taking a custom screenshot

You can also capture a particular area using different methods. If you are windows 10, you can take such a screenshot using the keyboard. Click on Shift, S, and the Windows logo key at a go. Once you do this, you should then click and drag the mouse to the particular area of the screen that you would like to capture then release the button.

Once you do this, open paint the paste the image you have captured by pressing Ctrl+ V at a go. You can now edit the screenshot from the paint app then save it by pressing Ctrl and S at a go. Doing this saves the screenshot to your Asus laptop.

Alternatively, you can also capture a custom screenshot by using the snipping tool. Click on the Windows logo key and type snip. When a list of search results shows up, click on the snipping tool. Look for the section labeled new on the snipping tool and click on it. Click on the mouse and drag it so that you can choose a particular area of your screen. Once you do this, release the mouse. You can now save the custom screenshot by clicking on the save snip icon.

How to use the windows screenshot feature

Capturing different areas of the screen
Taking a screenshot of the entire screen
  • Press PrtScr and use the Windows logo key to find the paint program
  • Once you open Paint, click Ctrl and V to paste the screenshot into the program.
  • Save the screenshot
Taking a screenshot of the windows you are using.
  • Click anywhere on the window to make it active.
  • Click on Alt and PrtSc at a go to capture the screenshot.
  • Open Paint, then paste the screenshot by pressing Ctrl and V at a go, then save it.
Taking a custom screenshot
  • If you are using Windows 10, click on Shift, the windows log key, and S at a go.
  • Drag your mouse to choose a particular area of the screen and release the button.
  • Open the paint app and paste it there. Edit the screenshot before saving it on the Asus laptop.


Following the simple steps above can help you easily capture a screenshot on the laptop Asus. It only depends on what exactly you wish to capture.


What is the PrtSc key?

This is one of the keys present on a laptop keyboard. It is located on the right upper part of the keyboard.

Why am I having problems trying to take a screenshot on my laptop?

Confirm if there is an F mode. This can disable the PrtSc key, making it hard to take a screenshot on the laptop.

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